Tanned Best Friend Lets me Fuck her without Mercy Omegle

Tanned Best Friend Lets me Fuck her without Mercy Omegle play

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FREE PORN: I was 5'11 with short black hair and I played football and basketball so I had a athletic build wasn't like a meatball like most of my friends who were only around 5'5 and stocky Big Tits i had never been so horny in my life so i listened to her and slowly pushed my dick in her pussy she held her hand back against my hipbone for a second or two and then pulled me into her by my ass "its so big daddy i feel so full" she said bucking back as i slowly fucked her from behind until i could feel my cock going in easier then i started to pump her faster and harder until she was squealing for me "fuck me daddy fuck this little cunt you little bitch fuck me like you want to fuck Michelle" she said and i couldn't take it no longer i started shooting the biggest load i had ever nut in my life and she pulled away and got back on her knees and caught the rest in her mouth "that was so good mike here have my number" she said getting back up and handing me a piece of paper with her number on it then she smiled kissed my lips and walked out the locker room i still couldn't believe it but i put her number in my pocket and headed for home. "fuck me john while i throat mikes cock" she said waving her ass in the air i couldn't take it any more i grabbed her by the hair and shoved my dick so far down her throat she choked and pushed away "god damn it mike not so harsh fucker" she said "let me get use to it first" i pushed her head back down my cock but with ease this time and she sucked and licked at the same time i thought i was in heaven

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Best Friend Lets me Fuck her without Mercy

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Yes nut in tht booty
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Nessa with the fake tits... Fucked one time in the ass by Rocco Siffredi... and USELESS for me since that day..
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